Friday, 2 March 2007

Three feathers, two fingers

For once I agree with Charles Windsor. He maintains that the three feathers emblem is his personal property. Fine. It has nothing to do with Wales anyway. It may be symbolic after 600 years, but it’s still the mark of the occupier. Let’s get it off the shirts of our rugby team and erase it from the tat we sell to tourists. Let’s remove it from the uniforms of our soldiers. While we’re at it, let’s stop kowtowing to this pompous, arrogant anachronism and take our country back.

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Alan said...

Entirely agree. But maybe it's so ingrained into our culture that it would be impossible to erase. We should definately, as you have already done so, scrap the "Ich Dien" and the crown. Maybe "Fuck the English",(but that could be taken literally), and Llewelyn Fawr's crown,
Tamagotchis disappeared from fash here about 8 years ago. Yes, I've been in Brazil (15 friggin' years!) Big Hiraeth.
The xavier link worked, too far North for me.
By the way, the people of Rio Grande do Sul, where I live, are known as Gaúchos (it being far south near the Uruguay border), we have a Gaúcho culture here. As I'm from near Aberdare (Mountain Ash in fact) I could be a real Aberdare Gaúcho.
Do I get a free T-shirt?
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Martin Davies said...

Shwmae Alan! You don't get a free T-shirt, no. I've got a Tamagotchi to feed (actually I don't since I killed it with neglect when it was left with me again on Friday - it's been 'reset' but the boy doesn't know the difference) not to mention three kids, my lover and my ex-wife! Tell you what though, follow this link for the friends and family sample offer
Hwyl, M

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