Thursday, 10 May 2007

It's just a matter of conviction then?

Whatever we think of Tony Blair, at least we now know, because he has made a point of telling us so in no uncertain terms, that he did what he did with conviction.

David Keough, a civil servant, and Leo O’Conner, a parliamentary researcher, the two men who tried unsuccessfully to leak minutes of a meeting on Iraq between Blair and George Bush on the grounds that the contents were “abhorrent” and “illegal”, did what they did with conviction too.

Keough and O’Conner today begin prison sentences for breaching the Official Secrets Act, while Tony Blair walks away scot-free having covered his tracks; the lesson being that ‘conviction’ and ‘honesty’ should never be confused.

Passing sentence, the judge told Keough, “Without consulting anyone, you decided on your own [what] was in the best interests of the UK”. Indeed!

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