Monday, 9 June 2008

The Cold Black Heart of New Labour

So, the Bilderberg Group's annual private shindig comes to a close in Chantilly near Washington, and ‘The Prince of Darkness’ materialises during the night to deliver its press release, written in his own blood.

Here is the perverted, ice-cold logic that considers a PPE degree (the interdisciplinary study of Politics, Philosophy and Economics – known as ‘social studies’ at Harvard) as appropriate vocational training to represent the hopes and aspirations of millions of ‘hard working families’. In common with his fellow-interdisciplinarians Ed Balls, Evette Cooper, David Milliband, Ed Milliband, Jacqui Smith, Ruth Kelly and Caroline Flint, Mandelson clearly finds compassion abhorrent. It is these modern-day vampires that have made the Labour Party such a horror show.

But before the peasants rise up and bang proverbial stakes through their cold black hearts, they should hold the other side up to the mirror. David Cameron, William Hague and half the Tory front bench have PPE degrees too.

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